Engineering, Study and Project Management

Downstream Consulting has project management expertise in the following areas:

  • Management of multidisciplinary engineering teams
  • Management of option studies through to detailed feasibility studies and execution planning
  • Project management during the execution phase of a project
  • Project reviews and due diligence studies
  • Development of engineering business processes and project business processes

Skill sets include:

  • Project Direction
  • Project and Study Management
  • Project Engineering
  • Project Controls, including document control, planning and cost control
  • Engineering Management
  • Project Support
  • Risk Management

Projects conducted by Downstream Consulting

Engineering Manager for Calibre on the West Pilbara Iron Ore Project

Technical and project services for Rio Tinto Technology and Innovation

  • Preparation of funding proposals for confidential technology projects
  • Technical review of confidential technology projects

Project management of several projects for Iluka Resources, including:

  • Pre-feasibility study for production of iron from SR iron oxide tailings using the ITmk3 process
  • Scoping studies for production of alternative marketable products made from SR iron oxide tailings
  • Completion of the pre-feasibility study for development of the first minesite developed by Iluka in the Northern Murray Basin

Lessons Learnt review for an iron ore process plant upgrade project completed by SKM

  • Conducted a Lessons Learnt workshop
  • Produced Lessons Learned report and action plan

Projects conducted by Downstream Consulting's Personnel

The following roles were held by Downstream Consulting personnel in other organizations:

  • Project Director for a rare earths technology development program and feasibility study with Arafura Resources
  • Project Manager for the engineering and construction of FMG's Christmas Creek Expansion Project
  • Project Director for GHD on BHP Billiton Iron Ore's RGP6 Non-process Infrastructure definition phase study
  • Project Manager for BHPB Nickel West's KNS furnace rebuild definition phase study and advance execution project for rebuild readiness in case of failure
  • Study Manager on several projects for Iluka Resources, including iron production from waste iron oxides using the ITMk3 process, completion of the Northern Murray Basin mine development PFS
  • Site Engineering Manager for the BHPHBI project
  • HBI Plant Commission Manager for the BHPHBI project
  • Coordination Manager for BHPHBI Project, based in Linz, Austria
  • Manager Design for HIsmelt Corporation for engineering development for the large scale pilot plant
  • Manager Planning for HIsmelt Corporation for the construction of the large scale pilot plant
  • Manager Development for HIsmelt Corporation for the development, construction and rebuilds of the small scale HIsmelt pilot plant in Germany
  • Lead mechanical engineer for BHAS on the construction of their copper plant
  • Project engineer and designer for several smaller brownfield projects for BHAS lead smelter in Port Pirie